Terms and Conditions

Incorrect Orders

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that the target mobile phone and the network the mobile phone is currently locked to is supported by our service. No refunds will be warranted if the target mobile has already been unlocked by a vendor or third party. A credit note may be offered in specific circumstances, however a refund cannot be offered or given where the customer has received the code and/or paid and subsequently discovered that their handset and/or network is not supported by our service or has been previously unlocked. 




Order Verification prior to processing

Due to the overwhelming fraudulent orders we receive a day we must take all the necessary precautions to minimize credit card fraud as much as possible. We reserve the right to refuse an order which looks suspicious or turns out to be fraudulent.

Orders which turn out to be fraudulent will be reported to the relevant authorities to be investigated to the fullest extent by law.





The Seller shall deliver the Service to the Buyer at the e mail address of the Buyer as shown on the Buyer's submission. Time shall not be of the essence for delivery, but shall not be delayed more than three weeks depending on items ordered. The delivery times stated on the IMEI server tool are accurate but if a delay does arise, please be patient. 





UnlockingMachine.com can only guarantee that the service will fulfill the customers expectations if the following criteria are met:


    • The information provided on the submission form when ordering the service is 100% correct


    • The instructions provided with the service have been followed EXACTLY as stipulated


    • The mobile phone is not stolen or blacklisted


    • The software of the target mobile phone has never been altered, changed or tampered with in any way


    • The IMEI number of the mobile phone has never been altered, changed or tampered with in any way


    • The phone has never undergone an attempted unlocking with codes in the past


A refund shall not be warranted if all of these criteria are not met. The team at UnlockingMachine will do our best to solve any problem any customer may have while attempting to use our service, however liability for the success of the service lies solely with the consumer. Furthermore, UnlockingMachine cannot guarantee that this service will enable the handset to operate on any specific network. Certain handsets will only operate on certain networks. This is due to different GSM network frequencies. Please call your anticipated service provider prior to ordering if you are unsure. 


In the unlikely event that the solution we provided to you fails to unlock your phone, you will be required to do the following for a refund: 

1. Provide us confirmation that the IMEI/MEID/Serial number and/or Network you provided when you ordered is 100% correct. In the event that this information is 100% correct, we reserve the right to seek further evidence from you that supports your claim that our solution did not unlock your phone. This shall include you to send to us the following:

The physical phone to us for verification purpose or make a video recording of the unlocking procedure that you have tried to do with our codes(s) on your phone. You must provide a video which will clearly show us the following details:

a. The IMEI/MEID/Serial number displayed on the screen of your phone. You cannot use the IMEI/MEID/Serial number located on the box.

b. You inserting an foreign SIM card, switch phone ON, entering the unlock code/following the unlock instructions,then clearly show us what is displayed on the screen.

This is the only way we can determine whether the code(s)/factory unlock we provide is successful or not.

2. Order cancellations will NOT be granted after the IMEI/MEID/Serial number of your phone is in pending or in processing. Refund will only be granted if we do not have a solution for your phone.



By using our site or our service, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions in full.

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